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ATD Advanced Technology Directorate

CSWS Cylindrical Shock Wave Source

COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf

Cylindrical Shock Wave Source (CSWS)

DSWA Defense Special Weapons Agency

EMI Electromagnetic Interference

EMP Electromagnetic Pulse

Explosive Magnetic Generator of Frequency (EMGF)

FCC Federal Communication Commission

Ferromagnetic Generator of Frequency (FMGF)

FSU Former Soviet Union

GHz Gigahertz

GPS Global Positioning System

GW Gigawatt

HEMP High Altitude EMP

HPM High Power Microwave

Implosive Magnetic Generator of Frequency (IMGF)

ISTC International Science and Technology Center

kV Kilovolt

Magnetohydrodynamic Generator Frequency (MHDGF)

MCG Magnetocumulative Generator

MHz Megahertz

MILO Magnetically Insulated Linear Oscillator

MW Megawatt

NNEMP Non-Nuclear EMP

Piezoelectric Generator of Frequency (PEGF)

RF Radio Frequency

RFM Radio Frequency Munition

Spherical Shock Wave Source (SSWS)

STCU Science and Technology Center Ukraine

SU Soviet Union

Superconductive Former of Magnetic Field Shock Wave (SFMFSW)

Superconducting Ring Burst Generator (SCRBG)

TOC Tactical Operations Center

UWB Ultra Wide Band






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